How can I pay for my order?

We Accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club & AfterPay payments

We also have onsite Eftpos for local pickup

Is it safe to order online with us?

We are 100% committed to protecting your security and privacy, we have made every effort to ensure that our transaction process is safe and that your personal information is secure.

Do you keep sensitive payment details about your customers?

When you input you card details, during shopping, the card processor retains all the information about your card and only issues us with a unique token identifier. This token then allows us to process the cost of your order against your card. It also allows us to issue refunds or process, for example, backorder charges. We do not have access to your complete card details.

Will you call or email customer to confirm personal account or payment information?

We will never email or call you directly to ask you to disclose or verify your password, credit card or bank-account number, or any other personal information. If you are contacted or receive an unsolicited email which asks for any of this information please disregard the request, contact us and we will investigate.

If you receive unsolicited mail from us and are concerned that it is a phishing email please contact us by phone or email and we will investigate.

You said you have refunded me but I have not received the funds, where is it?

If you have paid by Paypal your funds will have been refunded to your Paypal account. Refunds to credit cards can take up to 10 banking days to appear in your account. Refunds by bank transfer can only be completed once we have received the necessary banking information (BSB, account number and account name) please ensure you have provided these for the refund to be completed as quickly as possible.